Cooling off with Versa Boards and Dogs in Whitefish River

Recently we purchased used Versa Boards from my brother in law.  These boards are designed for fishing.  We love them as they are stable and can be used both while standing or sitting.  Plus, they have these wonderful seats we can use which raise us up a bit off the boards.  Right now our dogs and us are getting used to paddling the boards.  These boards are made out of very tough plastic which stands up well to the dogs claws.  The dogs are learning how to get on and off easily or at least in theory.  We were out on Whitefish River yesterday and we had a BLAST!

Sadie loves to just swim and spends most of her time in the river.  Tally is in and out of the river and goes from one board to the next non-stop in between chasing sticks!  They are using Ruffwear Life Jackets.  I highly recommend a life jacket for your dog(s)!  They can swim slowly in they want and don't need to be concerned about staying a float.  Like Sadie she just paddled away swimming here and there checking out the ducks.

Tally riding, and Sadie swimming away.

Whitefish River Sadie hitching a ride.

Sadie swimming along at her own relaxed pace due to her life jacket.