90 Degrees Bike Ride

In the summer amongst all the great summer time activities I love biking.  I usually ride twice a day for the most part.  An early morning road bike ride on my very old Miyata 1000 touring bike.  
I cruise around Whitefish, Montana on the trail system and the back roads.  This ride is to get the blood pumping and to enjoy the greenery, mountains and this place I love.  As you can see this is not a serious road bike ride.  I have changed out my handle bars from drops to upright, tossed out the old toe clips and straps for a nice platform pedals.  I run errands with my panniers and my wonderful new handle bar bag by detours.

This bike ride is not about air temperature but rather about turns.  One of the areas I enjoy to ride around is farm land and true to farm land you have a lot of 90 degree turns.  Each turn one gets to view another part of the valley and the mountains.

Here is a smattering of 90 degree turn photos:

You might say why is this all a big deal the other 10 months of the year this is my world:
Early season skiing Oct. 2012 we call this "Tundra Cruising." 
Dec 2012 short days of daylight about 4.5 hours.
Checking drifts so we can groom once the wind stops blowing.
Groomer working hard.
Oh Sadie!

Groomer for nordic trails.

My love classic skiing.

Beach Unalakleet, Alaska April 2013.

May 2013
May 2013

As much as I love winter and skiing I do enjoy the green world too!


Mokihana said…
I am really loving your blog! What a life of adventure you lead! I've never been to Alaska, though I adore Montana. I'm such an island girl that having all the open space is quite an adventure for me.

Thanks for all your wonderful photos and their descriptions! I will be following you!
knitski said…
Thank you Mokihana! I will be updating the blog soon with several posts once the first week of school is underway.