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Cooling off with Versa Boards and Dogs in Whitefish River

Recently we purchased used Versa Boards from my brother in law.  These boards are designed for fishing.  We love them as they are stable and can be used both while standing or sitting.  Plus, they have these wonderful seats we can use which raise us up a bit off the boards.  Right now our dogs and us are getting used to paddling the boards.  These boards are made out of very tough plastic which stands up well to the dogs claws.  The dogs are learning how to get on and off easily or at least in theory.  We were out on Whitefish River yesterday and we had a BLAST!

Sadie loves to just swim and spends most of her time in the river.  Tally is in and out of the river and goes from one board to the next non-stop in between chasing sticks!  They are using RuffwearLife Jackets.  I highly recommend a life jacket for your dog(s)!  They can swim slowly in they want and don't need to be concerned about staying a float.  Like Sadie she just paddled away swimming here and there checking out the…

Cross-Country Ski Biathlon

During the winter months in Alaska, we coach a cross-country ski biathlon team.  Biathlon is a wonderful sport and the kids enjoy the challenge of marksmanship and skiing.  This wonderful promo video was just posted for the US Biathlon Team.  

If you are interested in finding out more about click here:  US Biathlon

90 Degrees Bike Ride

In the summer amongst all the great summer time activities I love biking.  I usually ride twice a day for the most part.  An early morning road bike ride on my very old Miyata 1000 touring bike.  
I cruise around Whitefish, Montana on the trail system and the back roads.  This ride is to get the blood pumping and to enjoy the greenery, mountains and this place I love.  As you can see this is not a serious road bike ride.  I have changed out my handle bars from drops to upright, tossed out the old toe clips and straps for a nice platform pedals.  I run errands with my panniers and my wonderful new handle bar bag by detours.

This bike ride is not about air temperature but rather about turns.  One of the areas I enjoy to ride around is farm land and true to farm land you have a lot of 90 degree turns.  Each turn one gets to view another part of the valley and the mountains.

Here is a smattering of 90 degree turn photos:

You might say why is this all a big deal the other 10 months of the…

Drop Shoulder Cardigan Sweater is DONE!

A few of the things I learned about knitting is not to rush a project and enjoy the process.  Knitting will happen when it wants to happen and get done when it is time to be done not before.  I love to knit and knitting has taught me patiences.  This sweater I love and can not wait (well actually I can wait a bit) to wear it on a fall day.

My theme of "mixed berries" worked!  Read below about the name of this sweater.

De-Skunking Our Dogs

It happens whether you like it or not if you own dogs, and spend time outside they are bound to run into a skunk!  At which point you, the owner, becomes an expert on de-skunking his/her pet.  There is tomato juice and for some this seems to work.  I find it too messy and when your dog shakes it looks like you and your dog are in a blood bath.  Of course there is the dish soap, baking soda, and peroxide combo.  This seemed to work well on Tally, and helped Sadie.  Sadie was definitely closest to the skunk's butt and had the smelliest  encounter.

We were mountain biking yesterday up in the Haskill Basin area that we really enjoy.   There was a lot of fresh bear scat. We were pretty sure we would run into a bear.
No it was the small furry black and white beast that caused us to spend the evening trying to de-skunk dogs for a few hours.

We came to one of the creeks the dogs love to swim in and tried a mud/gravel bath hoping to break up some of the oder.

This site was helpful in expl…