Reverse Migration, Biking and Hiking

Every year in May for the past seven years we go on what I like to call "The Reverse Migration." We leave often a still semi-frozen tundra, an ocean with varying degrees of sea ice behind, and head south to Montana.  Once back south in Montana, we are home for a few months during our summer holiday.  It is time for family, friends, hiking, biking, and knitting.  We are now mostly over major construction and we have more time for "Summer "Fun!"

The major actors in Summer Fun are: Tally who is a half Labrador half Weimaraner mix.  She was given to us by a family in Alaska.  She will be four this October.  Tally is very much a puppy still and we are pretty convinced she will be this way well into old age.  Her favorite words are: go and treat.
Sadie will be five June 1st. She came to us from one of the best animal shelters ever in my opinion.  Rimrock Humane Society is located around the Billings area. I say around as they don't have a physical shelter but rather foster homes in the area.  Sadie was with them the longest and had a recorded of destruction.  We wanted a dog for skijoring to go with Tally.  Sadie seemed like the perfect match.  Two years ago we headed to Billings to see if Tally and her got along. They hit it off great!  Sadie has been a dream boat!  She is half Weimaraner and half Akbash.  What the heck is an Akbash?  That was my first question as well.  The Akbash breed comes from Turkey and is a guardian dog.  Sadie loves to let you know something has changed in our world and almost always barks when meeting a new dog.  Sadie is very friendly after the first bark and meeting.  She is intimidating, big, strong, and my companion.  Both our dogs are well loved by us and we are thrilled to have them in our lives.
Tally is all black and has a full tail.  Sadie has the white chest, four white paws and a docked tail. Lupin Lake

The main character is Christian my dear husband who is just wonderful!  He is also a great photographer and has a good eye for seeing things I often miss.  Many of the photos in this blog will be from his camera. 

Biking: Haskill Basin

Haskill Basin is a nice area to mountain bike.  The trails are almost all older logging roads. There is a lot of running water for the dogs to cool off in as the summer heats up.  Most of the roads are gated so traffic is limited unless logging is going on in area by Stoltze Lumber.  Stoltze is generous and does allow people to use their land which I am forever thankful!  

"The Girls" as I like to call Tally and Sadie.

Hiking: Lupine Lake

Lupine Lake is west of us and is an old time favorite trail of ours.  We headed out there yesterday late in the afternoon for a hike.  We started and ended in rain which is normal at this time of the year.  The Flathead Valley is green, lush, and beautiful.  What many people don't realize is it is green here because it does rain often.  We did see some fresh bear scat on both our bike ride and hike.  This is all normal as well as we are in bear country.