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So you may be asking where's the WOOL!

Yes I do knit and I do have a current project.  It is off the needles for the most part----snicker-snicker.  If you are a knitter you know that if a project is off your needles there is finish work.  I am now in the process of finish work.  I used to really dislike finish work.  Now, I enjoy it as finish work goes fast and there tends to be a nice variety of little jobs.

This sweater is from one of my very favorite knitting dynasties Schoolhouse Press.  If you are a knitter and have not discovered Schoolhouse Press please have a look!  The sweater was posted in Wool Gathering issue #68 and is the Drop-Shoulder Cardigan.  Elizabeth Zimmermann was the founder and now her daughter Meg Swansen carry on her great fiber tradition.  Meg's son Cully is also carrying the torch forward.  I love using EZ's percentage system which once you learn and use you will love (or at least I think you should).  I use the percentage system all the time and use patterns as a guide.  I find the perce…

Reverse Migration, Biking and Hiking

Every year in May for the past seven years we go on what I like to call "The Reverse Migration." We leave often a still semi-frozen tundra, an ocean with varying degrees of sea ice behind, and head south to Montana.  Once back south in Montana, we are home for a few months during our summer holiday.  It is time for family, friends, hiking, biking, and knitting.  We are now mostly over major construction and we have more time for "Summer "Fun!"

The major actors in Summer Fun are: Tally who is a half Labrador half Weimaraner mix.  She was given to us by a family in Alaska.  She will be four this October.  Tally is very much a puppy still and we are pretty convinced she will be this way well into old age.  Her favorite words are: go and treat.

Sadie will be five June 1st. She came to us from one of the best animal shelters ever in my opinion.  Rimrock Humane Society is located around the Billings area. I say around as they don't have a physical shelter but ra…


I have wanted to have a blog for years and have never gotten around to  creating a blog.  It is so easy! I have several blogs I follow.  I am a bit in awe of people who have maintained blogs that are interesting and up to date.  So why blog when there is facebook?  I placed myself on a self imposed facebook ban until August.  This way I will work on blogging and see what comes from my efforts.