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Jan's Grab Bag Socks and Felted Slippers

I recently had a friend contact me who has health issues and really needs some wooly items to help keep her feet warm and toasty.  Jan wanted a pair of 100% wool socks and I also suggested some felted wool slippers as well.

I immediately casted-on for the felted slippers as the pattern I have used countless times over the years from Fiber Trends.  The yarn I picked for these slippers is actually a wool (95%) silk (5%) blend which felts up rather nice and dense called: Clyde by Louet.  It is bulky/chunky weight yarn.  I knit this yarn held double and moved right along knitting one slipper with many interruptions in a day.
Then to take  a break from the slipper pattern I switched right over to the wool socks.  I have a healthy allotment of left over yarn--no surprise!  I decided to use a little technique that Elizabeth Zimmermann talks about in her Baby Surprise Jacket.  I found yarn that is the same weight for the most part and rolled up small balls of yarn and placed them in a bag. …


I just came across this photographer and his work with snow crystals. AMAZING!

Christmas Vacation has STARTED--Skiing-Knitting-Relaxing-Baking!!!!!

Yesterday was the last day of school and Christmas Break started for us!  One of the things I love about not traveling for Christmas is that the vacation starts instantaneously and that is a wonderful thing.  I spent yesterday afternoon in the wax room getting ski gear out to some of our race team skiers.  Today I hope to get the gear out to our elementary skiers.  Then we can all get skiing!

I will be writing more about my knitting now that I am on break.  I felt I needed to give a bit of an update.  Next I will be posting about Jan's Grab Bag Socks a fun way to use up left  over yarn!

1st day of Skiing for the 2013/2014 Ski Season

I have always loved winter and snow!  It amazes me that there are people out there that don't love winter.  I don't know why I love this season so much.  I am not sure if it is the silence, the tidiness that fresh snow brings to the world, or the coziness I feel from a world wrapped in white.   
Many of you are looking at this photo and thinking that looks like a lot of grass you are skiing on there!  We have skied on more grass than this before and I am sure we will again!  I have learned living in rural Alaska one is not nearly as pick as when you are in the lower 48.   The other added bonus is skis slide well on tundra plants that are sticking up through the snow.  It is a case of the cup is half  full or half empty.  

Living where we live enables us to be able to ski a LOT!  I mean a LOT!  Since being here, I have skied at least 100 days a ski season.  Last year, I was able to get in 130 days on skis!  I would like to break that personal record this year if possible.  Skiing…

Frozen Ground, Frost, Ice on the Puddles, Sky full of Stars & NORTHERN LIGHTS!

I finally feel like winter might actually be about to arrive here!  Usually by now I have some Ks of skiing on my skis.  This year for what ever strange weather pattern we have been having we have no snow and hardly a frozen ground to stand firmly on.  This mornings dog walk finally feels like WINTER is near. Winter is a busy time of the year for us as we run a small ski/biathlon program out here in Unalakleet. Once winter arrives for us we are all about skiing!

I love to see the lights here in the mornings on the dog walk.  I have found over the years that the morning lights are mostly white, and occasionally blueish-green.  They shimmer, dance and shoot across the sky.  Often, large bands of light, like this morning are curving and curling slowly across our sky.  I love the Northern Lights!  They fascinate me!  Did you know if you whistle at them according to local custom they will sing for you?  There are many legends about the lights and I need to ask more questions about those b…

Unspun Wool from Iceland

I have no idea what I am going to knit with this wool. I do know once I get this post written I am going to cast-on and mess around with my unspun wool.  I am not a huge fan of that green so that will be the yarn I will play with as I think about what I might knit.  The two blues I just love.   For years, I have been wanting to knit with this unpsun wool. This was my birthday gift to myself this year.   
Schoolhouse Press has this to say about unspun Icelandic wool:  "Un-Spun Icelandic— Extraordinary long-fibered fleece unique to Icelandic sheep produce the warmest wool we know."   The other wonderful item I ordered for myself was this pattern which is called Pools in the River.  I am really taken by the textured work in this design.   One other thing I love about Schoolhouse Press is that they wrap their yarn in paper.  I feel like, I stepped back in time when ever I open a package from them . . . a time when everything moved slower.  

Daylight: because someone will ask

I live in a rural Alaskan village.  This means you can not drive here but you can fly in, take a very long boat ride, come by dog sled like in the Iditarod Dog Sled Race, ski, ride a bike on the snow . . . but no matter what you can not drive here!  One of the most popular questions I would say most Alaskans get is "How can you stand the dark?"  First off it is not dark every where in Alaska during the winter months.  

Here in Unalakleet we live at approximately 63 degrees north and 160 degrees west. I enjoy many aspects of living this far north.  The light is always amazing with long wonderful shadows at certain times of the year. I appreciate how our daylight changes during the year and embrace the shorter hours of sunlight. One more reason I enjoy fall and winter so much is this change into the darker months.  The changing weather, storms, daylight, long hours of darkness are all very comforting.  

Here is a daylight chart for 2013 and you can make one for yourself at USNO

Fingerless Gloves

I was sent a wonderful pair of hand knit fingerless gloves as a birthday present.  Since these gloves have arrived they have been on every dog walk as I was told to use them!  As a knitter it is a great treat when you receive a hand knitted item!  As one knitter to the next gets it!  The work involved, the thought that went into the item, the yarn that was picked and used, the design, and of course the love that goes into a hand knitted item.

These were knitted with TOSK DK  100% superwash Merino, Antique Lace and Amber Tricket (don't you love that name) and the pattern is Gina's Wrister from Joseph's Coat in Missoula Montana.  This pattern is free and on Ravelry.  Thank you iusecreativejuices!

Winter and the lack of it is beginning to get to me a bit.  I have to admit I am tried of the rain and mud!  There I said it!  The temperatures need to drop and the ground needs to freeze up.  There have been years that I was skiing on my birthday.  The last few years no luck with t…

Bláithín Sweater

My Bláithín sweater is coming right along.  I was able to get the provisional crochet cast-on easily mastered and on my needles.  I used a sock yarn for this as it would shed the least amount.  I did wonder if this crochet cast-on yarn should be the same gauge as my sweater yarn.  I went with the sock yarn as  it wouldn't shed, is very durable, as the only yarn in the same weight I was afraid might shed.

Once I got the twisting out of the cast-on *****warning here you need to be patient with this step!   I am sailing along in circles for 17 inches.

Cinnamon Rolls

I can not think of anything bad, or wrong about  cinnamon rolls !  I mean what is there not to love!  They smell wonderful, they taste great and the variety of cinnamon rolls out there in the world is endless. Sweden has a National Cinnamon Roll Day!

How can anyone not love a country that has a National Cinnamon Roll/Bun Day-----another reason to love Sweden in my books.  We even spent a whole summer bike touring around Sweden and Norway.  We were lucky to go back to Norway and ski one winter.  The Scandinavian part of the world is one of my favorite in the world.  No only is the land stunning, the people pleasant, but lets face it this culture can BAKE and let me add KNIT!  Back on topic . . .

Christian is our in house cinnamon roll baker and he makes my favorite rolls.  I am not a frosting fan but rather love the chewy brown sugar and nut topping, raisins, and abundance of cinnamon these rolls have----YUMMY! Below you will find Christian's Cinnamon Roll recipe that many people h…