Knitting the Telja Sweater & Tundra Update

Three projects on the needles!  Right now the focus is a Lopi for a KAL at The Woolly Thistle.  I love Lopi yoke sweater designs.  All the colorwork added to a rather very simple design has always intrigued me.  I casted on the Telja Sweater which is a design from Jennifer Steingass.  I am knitting this sweater up in Léttlopi yarn which I have not knitted with this weight of Lopi yarn before.  I knitted up both sleeves first and did a provisional cast-on.  I plan to pick up those stitches and knit a hem to finish them.

The body has been a bit of a challenge!  I originally did a provisional cast-on which for over 220+ sts is a pain in the butt!  I then followed the colorwork pattern which I was thinking I should change but I pushed on through it.  Once I was done with the lower body colorwork, I put the body of the sweater on two needles to check the fit. I do this all the time no matter what!  This saves a lot of frustration later if you know your sweater is going to fit once done!  I…

IRIGAK II Maverick Seizes the Land (A book Review)

Local writer Amber Cunningham has released her second book in her series Irigak - Land of the Little Peoplein May (2018).  I purchased a copy yesterday at our Saturday Market here in the village.  I had a very enjoyable read as I stepped into the mysterious land of the Irigaks.

Amber captures the reader's attention with an action-packed read.  IRIGAK II has the added bonus of artwork by Bulgarian illustrator: Ralica Mladenova!  The combination of an intriguing storyline and creative illustrations will draw in young readers from far and near.  Irigak - Land of Little People has a few activities on the author's blog to help enhance discussion and comprehension.

Posted below are photos from my tundra walks.  I get out daily on the tundra as I am fascinated by the vegetation and expanse.  Tundra walking may look smooth, but it is rough, full of holes, water, lichen, mosses, and berries.  I find tundra walking is an excellent workout!

I am sure there is a hidden world that shows i…

Sky Runner by Emelie Forsberg: a Book Review

I am not too sure how I stumbled across this athlete but over the last few years, I have followed Emelie Forsberg on twitter and her blog.  An amazing lady who loves the mountains and outdoors.  An ultra-long distance runner and a ski mountaineer. Emelie is a person I find interesting and motivating.  I no longer run and I never ever ran these distances!  I find her insight on her training and life intriguing and motivating.  I might be a tiny bit jealous that she lives in a stunning spot on earth with water, mountains, great skiing, and what appears to be a darn cute home.

The format of her book is both relaxing and informative.  Great photos, recipes, workout information, and yoga it is a nice mix and a breath of fresh air in this genre.

Thanks, Emelie for sharing your world with us!

Shipping Food & Fall Fun

Here is part of our fall order from Amazon on a pallet being delivered to our container.  I then unpacked it all and ran it inside to the pantry and any other open space to tuck it all away! Yes, of course, it was raining--August in Alaska is mostly about rain!

The question most asked when people find out we live just over 400 air miles from Anchorage (ANC) is "How do you get your food?"  Over our time here in rural Alaska, this has changed greatly!  We used to buy food at Sma's Club and pay them to ship it out to us.  Then this morphed to buying food from Costco and we packed and sent it all out to ourselves.  All of this no matter what takes a lot of time and costs a lot of $$$$!  We would haul our totes to and leave them in ANC at the motel or a friends, then shop and fill our rig to the gills, haul this back to friends or the motel and pack it up in our totes, haul the totes to the 24-hour airport post office and ship.  The Post Office has changed as well!  Once the…

Knitting: Lopi and odds-n-ends in Wool

First thing Alaska Fans!  I know many of you visitors to my blog are Alaska fans and if you have not checked out some of the blogs I follow you should certainly follow this one:  Kathy is a very talented writer and her writing is a joy to read.  If you are taken by Alaska and just want to know what people do, how they make a living off the grid for the most part work---get a nice cup of coffee or tea and sit down for an enjoyable read!

Knitting & the Fall Knit Along (KAL)I start a fall KAL with The Woolly Thistle on Ravelry  I am working with Léttlopi yarn which is an Icelandic wool and yarn.  I have always been taken by the Lopi sweaters colorful yoke designs.  There is a wonderful designer whose work has caught my eye, Jenn Steingass.  It was a great opportunity to order yarn from a new store, The Wooly Thistle (which has a podcast as well) and join the KAL.  I am knitting Jenn's Telja.  I am making a few small modifications tot he pattern wh…

Fish: Silver Coho Salmon

Fish:  In this part of Alaska this time of the year is about FISH more precisely "Silvers" COHO Salmon.  This year we have had some very kind people drop fish off for us to process.  Fillets go either into the freezer to eat through the year or fillets are cut up and head into a brine for the smoker.  Christian does a wonderful job of smoking fish.  I do a great job of eating it!

It all starts with either fish we need to gut and fillet or once in a while fish will show up all filleted and what a huge treat! The fillets are a few pounds easily and bright orange!

Once the fillets are washed and cut into smaller pieces the fish is rolled in a dry rub.  We use brown sugar, raw organic cane sugar, and salt.  This sits in the frig for 12 hours.  When the fish is taken out in the morning there is a lot of liquid and the fish is firmer.

Christian washes of the brine off the fish. The fish is then placed onto the smoking racks.  We always put some seasonings onto the fish at this po…