Mission Accomplished----Ski Season 2018 is DONE!

Nothing like bring s ski season to a close (as far as skiing with the WolfPack Team)!  Many of us are still skiing and by the looks of our snow and current temperatures we will be skiing for weeks to come---YES!
Our ski season has been great!  The races went well, our skiers showed great growth, and our race team skiers are nothing but a stellar group of young up and coming athletes.  I have never been so pleased with our race team skiers as this year.
We just completed our elementary ski race which brings practices to an end.  Christian and I will keep skiing.  Some of our skiers request to keep skis for a bit longer to get out and ski more in our near perfect conditions.
We wrapped this weekend of racing with two visiting Olympic Nordic Skiers!  Tyler Kornfield and Rosie BrennanSkiku an organization that promotes Nordic skiing in rural Alaska sent out these two Olympians to help with the Bering Strait School Districts elementary ski races over the weekend.  We all had an absolute…

The best kind of Spring!

Most people think of spring as flowers popping up, soil starting to smell alive, buds on trees, bird songs, and their world is turning green.  I think of spring as warmer days, a huge blue sky, a night sky full of stars, shorter hours of darkness, longer days of sunshine, sea ice starting to break up, and the best of all SPRING SKIING!  What skiers wait for all year are glorious days full of great skiing, all under a HUGE blue sky! 

Today was one of those days!  We went out for a nice ski. I have been gone the last two weekends at ski races.  I got home last night and started the wash, ate dinner, hit the shower, and then a sound sleep in my bed.  Today we were up and out skiing on the touring gear after copious amounts of coffee.  Christian didn't want to groom which was fine with me.  We all had a great ski together!


I started to write this post in early March.  The only issue is that nothing happened, or should I say a lot happened which is why I am writing this post a few weeks later.

I wish I could write like a well-polished writer and could express myself clearly with great details . . . hmmm . . .  I will just muddle through with this challenge!  As you know, if you stop here even randomly, you will picked up that I love to ski!  There is no greater joy to be able to glide effortlessly on skis through the snow.  Whether it is skiing in the mountains, across the tundra, hills, through a forest, the pure peacefulness of being on nordic ski gear is just part of me!  After injuring my knee last July I was terrified I may never get to enjoy this love of mine again: Nordic skiing.   Every time I put on my skis I am grateful beyond words!  

The Last Teams at the Unalakleet checkpoint for 2018 Iditarod

Yesterday I was out for a ski with my wonderful husband, who had just groomed the ski trails, and our dogs.  As we were walking home from skiing we saw a few of our teaching friends heading to the checkpoint to welcome Steve Watkins and Tara Cicatello to Unalakleet.  I came in the house got out of my ski boots for the 2nd time for the day.  My husband said, "You had better get tot he checkpoint for the knitters and get some photos!"  Boots went back on as I know I could get down there faster on skis than if I walked the whole way. 

I am glad I did put in the effort.  Steve Watkins was so nice to chat with about his dogs, running the Iditarod, and he is a friend of one of my favorite mushers Lizbet Norris.  I didn't talk with Tara much but just a few words as she was working with the vets and feeding her dogs.  Steve chatted a lot and I took more photos as he asked, "Would you post them on facebook so my mom can see me?"  How can anyone say no to that request!