2019 What will the year bring? Adventure, Goals & Challenges, Excitement, Peace, Gratefulness

Here it is New Year's Eve and I am writing a blog post well isn't that exciting!  Actually, I have never been a huge stay up and cheer in the new year gal.  WHY?  The key words are "stay up" ugh I am not a night person at all!  I will be glad to welcome 2019 at 5 A.M. no problem at all!  

I went back and looked up what I wrote a year ago:

spend more time outside with Christian and "The Girls" did thisski, hike, bike, paddle, walk, be as active as possible did thisread, knit, use up my stash yarn, knit, read did thisdevelop my drawing/sketching skills (this is a focus challenge) this will never be DONE but I will keep this goal as I have a long way to go and it is a HUGE goal & challenge for me!stay healthy, eat good food, stay away from processed foods tried my best will do a lot better in 2019a secret goal/wish will share if it happensthis didn't happen but things worked out far better!be grateful did this but one can never ever stop in this dep…

Winter Coastal Storm & Weather

I awoke at some point in the early hours of today by the bashing winds howling by our place.  The storm was said to arrive this morning and low and behold it arrived!  I am a morning person as many of you know and I just love the peaceful start to a day.  Even if like today we have a lot of sound effects tossed our way thanks to Mother Nature.

Just like yesterday, we had a noon ski practice but it ended up being too cold for the elementary skiers.  Wind chill was -25ºF.

Our old skiers who are on the Race Team were able to ski at 2:00 P.M. as the breeze was gone.  We went out at -9ºF and skied up to Picnic Hill all on classic gear. Cold temperatures make for slooooow skiing and this is when we go for a tour on our classic gear.  We had a great group and off we went.

This is so typical for us the temperatures drop and a slight breeze picks up.  The warm temperatures drop to -18ºF and the wind picks up just a tad which throws us right into -34ºF wind chill!

Above was yesterday ski tempe…

OOOPS! Time has run away!

Yikes, the time has kind of run away with itself!  I need to update the bloggerooo!  This will just be a photo essay sort of a post.

Technology: Food for thought. . . how we use technology why we use and how much we should use this tool.  I struggle with this as well but I firmly believe we all spend too much time engaged with some device instead of talking to the people around us!

I love this rather big oops from the Nome Nugget!  What a hoot and to think the movie is only rated PG!

Knitting:  After Thanksgiving the lights went up, cookies have been baked and more on this below. Knitting continues on this Lopi!
This sweater that has been named Lopi-Lou is really close to being done.  I started it as a Fall Knit Along (KAL) through The Woolly Thistle group.  I had to rework the pattern a bit as I don't need a close-fitting sweater.
Then the neck was a pain in the butt!  The pattern has a different neckline which is not one I like.  I needed a real stand up collar.  After frogging …