Yoga in The Park

I start my day off with Yoga in The Park by Shanti Yoga Studio.  The sunshine was a little intense out there under our Montana Big Sky.  The energy was great!  I bet they had well over 60 people practicing yoga this morning.

As I was walking home after yoga this morning . . . I often find myself thinking this . . . Yes, this is really my home! I get to live in this vibrant small Montana town.  I can walk to a wide variety of stores compared to our Alaska village life.  I enjoy both places I get to call home . . . but Whitefish is softer, easier, gentler than my northern home.  The pace is slow and restful down here in a different way than in the north.  Healthy lifestyles are everywhere here. I draw great inspiration from all the positive examples of healthy choices that surround me down south.

Weather, Dinner, & Yarn

Rain, sprinkles (a new weather term like chocolate or colored ones that would go on ice cream . . . this is a meteorological term?), wet stuff--nope it is still called rain no matter what!  June in northwest Montana can be a very wet 30 days.  From all my years here summer often just arrives on July 4th.  There have been some years it just plain old rains all summer long!  Snow in June or July in lower elevations has happened and it is not that rare.

In fact one 4th of July, we ate grilled smoked turkey in my friend's garage. We were all decked out in various winter gear hats, gloves, mittens, sweaters, gore-tex rain jackets, pants NOT shorts having our dinner.  The garage door was open as we all sat at a picnic table watching it SNOW! While the New Zealand guest asked, "So is this how you Americans always have a picnic in snow?"

I will say last night we managed to have a large enough sucker hole that lasted for some time and we could grill and eat outside!  Ah, a sucker…

Summer Goal: YOGA!

Summer Goal: YOGA!  All school year I would head either to my ski room or my classroom to do my routine of yoga, sit-ups and some kind of upper body work out on the Ski Erg.  I never had been to a formal yoga class, but have been trying to learn a bit on my own. This summer one of my goals was to get to a yoga studio and to learn more about the art of yoga. I want to be able to do more challenging yoga DVDs once back up north but I want to make sure I am doing things correctly.
Yesterday, I signed up online for a 1.5-hour class at the Shanti Yoga Studio in downtown Whitefish.  I loved it!  My instructor was Ingrid and the class was hatha yoga foundations---I loved it!  Ingrid corrected me and showed me how to do moves properly---this is just what I wanted.  Ingrid was very patient and clear. Of course, I have a lot to learn. I liked that many of the yoga moves I have been doing from my two DVDs were used in this class so I didn't feel totally out to lunch.  
The Shanti Studio is s…

How to keep an ice pack on a dog?

Our Sadie recently just had surgery to remove a huge mass in her chest. We have been watching this mass develop over the years and have had it tested as well.  She has/had a fat deposit just like people and dogs can develop. The time finally arrived when all parties involved thought that this mass needs to be removed.  Sadie had her surgery. We needed to ice this area to reduce swelling. Over our dog years in rural Alaska where there is no vet at all, we have learned some great little tricks in mending our dogs.

Usually, we use the Ruffwear Cloud Chaser Jacket to help keep her from licking any injury.  We have these jackets for our dogs in Alaska but not here in Montana.  I wanted her to have the ice pack on her incision with our me following her around.  I ran over to Tail Waggers to see if they had any of the Cloud Chaser Jackets on sale or something to help hold the ice/gel pack over Sadie's incision.  No Cloud Chaser but they had another jacket/sweater (it appears they are no …


I recently was over in Washington and was visiting family.  I had a wonderful little visit with my niece and her family.  They have been living off the grid and recently moved into a local fun, cool, and groovy community.  The visit was just perfect as I was able to see all their efforts in action.

I loved being surrounded by huge trees and the various shades of GREEN!  I miss trees during our school year in the north.

Knitting Travels

Traditions are a wonderful thing!  Lynn and I agreed years ago we would get together every summer once she left Alaska.  This year, I traveled to Seattle.  Lynn and I traveled on to Birch Bay.  We were able to knit and chat endlessly over tea, coffee or Golden Milk.  
Who doesn't love joining up with a great friend and it feels like you were never ever apart?  What a major score in Lynn!