2,454.7 MILES DONE! World's Longest Driveway!

Reverse Migration part I is done and we are now in Montana for part of our summer.  We had a great trip south.  Each day the world turned greener with brighter colors as we slowly drove south.  The Yukon was as magnificent as ever with its huge vast valleys, broad mountains, and long ridges.  The fires from last summer have left its scars on the landscape.  British Columbia to suffered with fires last August as we headed north and now one can see the vast areas these fires burned.
The trip was a bit wet in BC.  Overall an excellent drive south on the Cassiar Highway.  Home is home no matter what!  We are so fortunate to be able to call two wonderful places home!  Each place is vastly different from each other but both are home for us in unique ways.

I always look forward to the drive south as the nights finally turn dark again!  I can see the stars which I just love.  I find it a bit unsettling to not see the night sky up north.  Going to bed in full daylight and waking up during the n…

Spinning Wheel any info would be wonderful!

My sister inherited this spinning wheel from our Uncle.  It came from a family friend of his and we know it is from the 1700s. Any information would be wonderful.

Holiday Time . . . I can taste it!

A random photo essay of springtime here on the tundra, closing my full-time teaching career, food, and getting ready for HOLIDAY time!
One of my goals is to work on art, painting, and drawing and let's face I can use all the help I can get.  I have never had any formal art and hardly any art in school.  Which we all know is just not right!  Thus I am going to work on developing this skill!

Food: I have always been interested in eating good food.  I also have very little willpower!  As I have aged this willpower has increased as I have not eaten wheat for years now.  I am eating far better than ever.  I recently bought into the Food Revolution Summit but John and Ocean Robbins.  I have enjoyed learning about their approach to food and healthy living.  They have an organization that is set up to educate us all about eating better.  Basically, it is organic, plant-based diet no meat or very little.  My summer experiment will be exploring this lifestyle of eating more veggies, fruit (th…