I woke this morning like all workday mornings.  I come downstairs, get the dog food ready, take the girls out for their morning duties, feed the girls, pour my organic coffee, sit down at my computer, check email and then occasionally I go to FB or Twitter for updates.

Tears of joy ran down my face!  Sappy maybe but these ladies deserve every tear they have dedicated their lives to this goal, with focused consistent determination. Kikkan and Jessi are both positive role models to young girls.  

A few great articles on the Women's Golden Moment:

Bill Koch's thoughts on US GOLD!

John Caldwell's look at US women's Nordic ski history

Iron Dog Snow Machine Race

The #IronDog is a snowmachine race runs through the village of Unalakleet twice.  Racers start outside of Anchorage and come north along the Iditarod Dog Sled Race Trail mostly. There are two race classes "Trail" and "Pro."  Trail rides to Nome and is finished they are not really racing.  The Pro class riders are the racers! They will race to Nome then come back south and head to the finish in Fairbanks.

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of snowmachines but I am impressed by these racers.  Snow machines are for grooming cross-country ski trails right?  Mostly, I think about the racers poor backs!  The land they cover is rough, not always snow covered, not smooth, and remote. Then racers deal with our current overflow issues here on the Unalakleet River, the howling winds of the coast and usually low temperatures . . . yikes, one tough race!

The kids in the village love snow machines!  Yesterday off we went to see the machines which were parked at "The Garage&q…

Knit & Ski or Ski & Knit

2/16/18 Time for a blog post.  Our ski race for this weekend was postponed until next weekend due to our charming weather out here on the edge of the Bering Sea.  It never fails . . . when I felt the most organized for a ski race ever!  Bering Air said, "We haven't flown into Koyuk since last Friday, we are not flying in now due to weather: snow, blowing snow, and the death of airlines: Freezing Rain!  Now I will be honest, the last place I want to be stuck with 16 middle school kids is Koyuk!

2/17/18 Staying home and weathering out the storm in my HOUSE sounds like a grand idea.  Only the storm hasn't been bad other than a lot of wind today which is Saturday.  Our first ski practice of the day was with the elementary ski crew grades 1st through 4th. A competent group of young skiers had the great joy of tackling winds over 20 mph.  UGH!  No matter what this is one of the hardest places to try to be skiers.  Between, winds, overflow, storms, cold, and lack of new snow fo…

Return to My Beginnings

"Don't take life too seriously because you can't come out of it alive." A quote from Warren Miller which helps to keep life in perspective.  This year marks 23rd year in the classroom for me. This is my last year in the traditional American classroom.  Last week, I handed in my contract saying I am resigning.  It was a well thought out decision and one I don't have an ounce of regret over at all!  I feel so fantastic to be wrapping up my professional career.

The saying "Full Circle" is what I am laughing about!  Long ago I was a bit of a ski bum.  Coaching Nordic skiing, teaching beginner Alpine ski lessons, and waiting tables.  I wanted to travel and work with kids.  I got married and my husband and I became teachers.  We worked overseas for 11 years before returning to teach in rural Alaska.  Our lives overseas were pretty darn great.  We were able to travel and really did some wonderful trips in Oman, Sweden, Norway, Morocco, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, …

Water Water Water

Water is a rather big topic this last week in the village and will be for some time to come.  There are about 725 people who live here and for the most part, we have potable water year around.  We get our water north of the village from a creek called Powers Creek.  To the best of my knowledge, there is a tank up there and it fills with water and then the water comes to us through underground pipes.  How old are these pipes? Oh, good question. We have had on and off leakage and repairs at different times over our 12 years in the village.  Low water levels mean we conserve water or even go on boil notice if the water level is too low.  Sometimes pumps break or cause issues, sometimes it is the leaks that cause problems.  The village sits on a peninsula surrounded by water and you would think we would have water.  In August when the cannery is running, and the school district brings in all the new teachers often water level is low.  Winter brings along its own set of issues for the city…

@!#@@$#%^&**+*&^%$#@!##$%^&* RIBBING!

One of the bloggers I follow stated so eloquently:

I. Hate. Knitting. Ribbing.

I am in the throws of a major:

"Ribbing could we just be done with you NOW!" 
Knitting project!  One of my goals is to drop a size or two so my sweaters don't have to be so large so the freaking ribbing doesn't have to go on for miles!

Cuff ribbing on a sleeve always seems rather exciting and fast.  I often use a sleeve for a swatch.  I feel this is a productive start to knitting a sweater.

Then comes the body stitches to be cast on 252 in sport weight.  I do place markers every 50 stitches so I am not counting and counting and counting stitches.  K1P1, seems to take forever and one slowly makes progress.  I do keep a coilless safety pin as a marker so I can force myself to say knit 2 rounds at least a night.  When all is said and done, I made ribbing progress! I am now chasing lice work around the body of my sweater.