A Native Breed & In My Boots: Shepherding in the Lake District

I stumbled upon a wonderful twitter feed this year by Andrea Meanwell AKA RuslandShepherdess@ruslandvalley.  My discovery of this shepherdess led me to her books.  Yes, I am a huge fan of James Herriot, farmers, and shepherds/shepherdesses. I enjoy reading about other peoples lives and how they interact with their surroundings.  I do not romanticise farming or being a shepherd as something that is quaint and cozy. I worked with horses growing up and on an apple orchard, I know what hard farm work is all about.  I have nothing but respect for the stewards of the land who truly care for their land and plan to pass it on to future generations.  Finding these two great reads was a huge treat for me!  Reading right up my alley: cozy & quaint, relaxing, a door into someone else's world nothing but a treat for me! 

Meanwell's first book A Native Breed was interesting as she got us, her readers, up to speed on how she ended up raising sheep.  A journey of sorts to how she landed …

Irigak: A book review

Irigak is an intriguing children's book about the mythical little people who live on the Alaskan tundra.  Amber Cunningham a local lady wrote this great fictional tale and recently self-published her work.

I have always been interested in the tales of the Irigak from my early ski coaching days here in Unalakleet.  What are these creatures? Where do they live/hide?  Who sees them? When do people see the Irigaks?  What happens when you see them?  My skiers would fill me in on all kinds of rather gruesome details about the little people of the tundra.

My skin would crawl a bit about how Irigak's have spikes on their elbows to help them pull their bodies across the tundra as they chase you down, short legs, and big teeth. (It seems that different families would have their own variation of the gruesome Irigak.)  I can say when you are out skiing with the howling wind, the snow blasting pass you as you try to ski home in the fading light . . . you start to think of these little peo…

Are you yarning, Mrs. P?

I was sitting at my desk this morning before the "official class start." Kids come into the room to grab their bags to put their outdoor gear in as a protection against the joys of bedbugs. One of my little charges came up to me as I was knitting and watching Salomon TV (nordic skiing videos on my smartboard).  "Are you yarning Mrs. P?"  I stopped and laughed to myself and replied, "Well, yes I am yarning."

Last night while I was yarning, I realized I am no longer in love with a project (Carraig-Fhada Vest, AKA Ol'Blue).  I stopped knitting and sent a text to my dear yarning friend and told her I hate this @#$@$##%$%^ project and I think it is time to frog it.  She did suggest setting it aside.  Which I had already done.  Then she said well couldn't you just EZ (Elizabeth Zimmermann) it and make it work . . . thinking a bit about this other than I would have to purl to do colorwork.  H m m m m . . . .

I basically have bailed on the present "y…

Osceola How Reversible Cable Hat By: Linette Grayum

Hats are just a great knitting project!  The knitter doesn't have to knit up a matching partner as in socks or mittens.  Cast on, knit away, cast off, soak and block and you are ready to go.  If you are just learning to knit hats are a great place to practice new techniques and skills.  A hat isn't a HUGE project like a sweater.  The knitter gets a finished project rather quickly and wa-laaa success!
I recently did a test knit for designer Linette Grayum who can be found on Ravelry. LinetteG, as she is known on Ravelry, has a nice collection of designs.  For you shawl knitters I would highly recommend stopping by her page to see her designs/patterns.  She also has several hat designs as well.

Osceola Reversible Cable Hat I loved this hat right from the beginning.  I learned a new cast on technique that I will certainly be using again.  The cable work was a blast to knit, and easy to follow.  I did place markers for each cable panel.  I always do this or I just plain forget to …

201st Post!

Celebration! Blog Post 201! WOW!  I never ever really thought about writing over 200 posts when I started Wool-n-Ski. I have arrived at this number of posts today.  For a person who is not a strong writer and struggled severely with writing growing up, I have managed to write a lot of posts.
What is next for the blog and the blogger?  I certainly want to keep blogging.  I often think of moving this blog over to Word Press and I think of this about every 6 mos and then I don't follow through with the migration.  I like blogger it is free, simple, and it let me start Wool-n-Ski.  This is the home I will stay with and I will not place ads on my blog as I find blogs with ads annoying, to say the least.  I understand why people have ads and they are trying to make some $$$.  I give those bloggers credit for figuring out how to make a bit of a living blogging.  No migration to Word Press and no ads for Wool-n-Ski.

What to write about? I write about my life and sometimes it may be borin…

A Kid who totally Rocks! Inupiaq Whitewater Kayaker in North Carolina

I have been very lucky to know this young athlete for years.  She is a talented skier, climber, kayaker, skijorer, and to top it all off a very humble young person!  I will admit at times I am envious of her lifestyle!  Mallory is a fortunate young gal who has the outdoors at her fingertips! She has great parents who have shared their love and traditions of being outside.

One of the many things I enjoy as a ski coach is getting to know the athletes and their families.  I have lifelong friendships built around outdoor activities.  I treasure these friendships and memories.  I love showing up to some outdoor event where there are longtime outdoor friends.  It just seems like within seconds you are right back to that last adventure or planning a new one without missing a single heartbeat.

I hope to stay friends with Mallory and her family for years to come.  Mallory is maturing into a future guide and she may even take up that profession.  I hope she does!   To Mallory and all those up …