Dear Followers!

I went into my comments and saw a handful of comments I hadn't published or noticed Gosh----my apologies to you all!  ooops!  There were a few questions as well.

No traffic jams at all on our drive south or north. Once in a while, we have to wait for road construction work.  We just drive. When we hit a town or a city then we have a few red lights to deal with, but we just drive along through stellar country.

Rain, sad to say we did have a good amount of rain in June.  Since leaving Montana and now being up here in Alaska.  Glacier Park has had several lightning strikes and these strikes have started devasting fires.  July was very dry and towards the end of July, temperatures started to get hotter as well.

Golden Milk is made from turmeric and is a bit of an acquired taste. However, turmeric has many wonderful properties for overall health. I make it with either coconut milk or almond milk without sugar, but I will add just a bit of date syrup or maple syrup to sweeten it up only…


Home!  We made it back to Alaska just fine and dandy.  The drive was very relaxed and easy which makes for a nice time.  Since I was not recovering from knee surgery like last year it was a comfortable drive north.  We started off crossing the border with a fire ban for BC which is a bummer as camping and a campfire go hand in hand.  It was hot and dry as well so a fire ban was a good thing despite our feelings about having a campfire each night.
Cooling off at a nice little creek we have been enjoying for years on our 1st day north.  Crystal clear water, cool, refreshing and easy to access. Our first night, camping was in a campground we have used before in southern BC.  It was really buggy but we survived by using incense to keep those bugs away!  Morning came bright and early as it should. Off we went over the pass and down to the Lake Louise.

 As we started to drive north from Lake Louise we made a few stops to cool off and to enjoy the drive.  I love the drive up or down the Ice…

Summer Time Fun! (July 2018)

Summer!  Nothing like being outside and enjoying the fun of summer under Montana's Big Sky!  Summer flies by for us as our time in Montana is limited.  There is so much I love about our time down south!  The evening stars, family & friends, BBQing, hiking, biking, swimming, paddling, being home, the porch, yard, flowers . . . the list is endless really.  Other things I love is my favorite coffee shop, bookstore, Community Library, being able to walk around a small town, and of course the farmers market (these things I can not do in the village)

(I deleted my facebook account more photos will be posted here instead of the dreaded "WasteBook!" for now.)