Icy, Wintery, World up North!

I often try to describe our winter world up here and the old aged that a picture is worth a thousand words is true.  Over this weekend we had freezing rain, snow, winds just a good old nice fall storm/weather.  I have seen far worse here over my tenure. Saturday night we were getting hit with freezing rains and in the morning everything was coated in ice!  I mean everything facing east had a wonderful new ice jacket.

Glazed over windows from the freezing rain which made me feel like we were inside a submarine over the weekend.

Sunday morning dog duty call was interesting. The dogs do a great job of running on their tippy toes with short strides across the ice. They seem to skim across the top of the ice skating rink we have outside. Meanwhile, I walk around in cleats.  We have 2 styles of ice cleats that we use most of the winter.  When it is 10ºF and colder the snow/icy are pretty grippy.  When it warms up the walking can be quite slick.  I wear cleats most of the time to stay uprigh…

Meet Sweater Girl!

Ever wanted a book to share your love of knitting with a future younger knitter?  A book that is creative, full of knitting coziness, inspiring artwork, well-crafted words, that explores the wonderful world of wool through traditional folk knitting designs all for the younger reader.

Meet Sweater Girl who can be found on PATREON or watch this little video to find out more about Sweater Girl.

Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service as well as ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or "patrons."

The author of Sweater Girl is a dear friend of mine who is writing a book about Sonja and her Aunt Vivie. Aunt Vivie is a colorful creative character who will help Sonja explore wool through the rich world of traditional folk knitting.

Hi, I am Cleo!


I am Cleo and I am a goat!  I figured I would tell you that just in case you are thinking, "What the heck . . .  a goat in a rural Alaskan village?!"  I used to live in Fairbanks which I am told is far colder than this place on the shores of Norton Sound.  I am not completely buying that bit of information.  I live outside and have a house with straw inside.  I have a small enclosure to stretch my legs. I do get milked inside a nice heated garage. 

Right now I am getting milked by this lady who comes by wearing a light bulb on her head which I really think is weird!  She talks to me and I like that but don't tell her.  What I really want is for my girl to come back and take care of me. I don't know where she went.  This lady learned how to milk me and she is doing a pretty good job.

Last night though she let me lose like my girl does and then I trot right back into my pen.  Only last night I totally didn't do this and I had a blast!  I was "NOT IT"…

Fall Ski Trips

This fall I went out to four different school sites to help them organize ski gear.  To visit and answer questions about skiing from their coaches, activities director, and school principals.  Two of the sites are north of Unalakleet and two sites are south-west of Unalakleet.  The northern sites are on the Iditarod Dog Sled Trail.  Three of the four sites I have only been on their runways and not in the villages. Three of these sites I have only ever seen in winter.  It was fun to see them without a blanket of snow.

As I always tell people villages are not created equal and they all have their own character.  No two villages are alike!  Village life can be harsh on so many levels: socially, economically, living standards, abuse, and neglect.  I would say all the issues that exist everywhere else are present in the villages and magnified due to the remoteness and lower populations. Issues and concerns are more present, in your face and unavoidable.  The best advice I was given years a…

Fall Happens

Wovember has arrived and for those of you not in the know of Wovember it is a month of woolliness for us woolly folks who love fiber and creating with 100% real wool.  They used to have a blog but are no longer running this event through the blog.  However, there is a hashtag for #wovember2018 on social media have fun looking through the wonderful photos and projects of all these creative folks!

This post will be about knitting and then I will have another post on my fall ski travel.  For now, let me focus (a rare thing on just one topic) on 100% WOOL!
This is a recent pattern discovery I found on RavelryMine is a wonderful slipper pattern designed by Faye Kennington AKA Ukeeknits on Ravelry.  Faye has many other wonderfully written and tested patterns. I would certainly recommend checking out her designs.  I knitted these slippers using yarn from Schoolhouse Press known as sheepsdown.  It is a very bulky yarn.  My goal was to use up some of my stash, thus the reason they do not match!…