Look who is the Featured Teacher in Healthy Futures!

The wonderful folks at Healthy Futures here in Alaska contacted me last week. They asked if I would consider being their "Featured Teacher" for their spring newsletter.  I truly believe the way to good health, being a good person, and just feeling great lies just outside your door I said "YES!"  The soap box is about to roll out here  . . . really think of the happiest and healthiest people you know are they inside all the time? Or are they outside doing something!  Enough said!  "The Longest Mile" is to your door . . .

Where's the WOOL?

It is time for a knitting update.  I left off with a Lopi sweater which has been great for skiing this winter.  My only slight complaint about any sweater I knit is the body length. This is a fitting issue, I will be focusing on in the future.  I have a few sweaters that I really love but the body length I feel is just too long.

I did finish last spring's socks I casted on.  I never worry about socks as they are the "go to" project to just have around and to knit when time or my mind needs productive mindless knitting. Hats are another great project just to have around or to use up your leftover yarn to knit up a fun hat.
I also knitted and felted two pairs of baby booties.  I finished the icord on a baby blanket that was to be a throw years ago. This throw turned into a baby blanket as it has been sitting as a UFO (for those non-knitting folks this is an UnFinished Object) for YEARS!  It is now DONE!  Baby booties just need a bit of finishing work and all items will be …

Deactivation! YES! Good Bye FACEBOOK see you in the fall!

Over the years, I have done a variety of things to stay off of facebook during the non-ski-season months. . . I believe this is the 3rd season of FB deactivation.  I have found deactivation is the best way to keep me off of the dreaded "wastebook." When I am done with skiing and all that skiing involves I deactivate FB pronto.  It feels great!  Deactivation forces me to do other things like blog, knit, read, spend more time outside with Christian and the dogs.

I am not better than other people because I deactivate FB.  I do know that I lived almost all of my life without FB. I hardly need it other than the ski season.  It is the best way to get info out to the village folks fast on cancellations and changes.   I often call it the village radio as that was the major form of communication out here in rural of Alaska for decades.

FB lets me share photos of the kids and helps to promote the sport I love. Like everything moderation and usage needs to be kept in check and deactiv…

Spring Sea Ice

Spring sea ice is a pretty interesting thing!  As I write, the sea ice is 4.5 miles out from the beach.  The sea ice is 3.5 feet thick.  I know this as one of our students was out the other night with his dad setting a crab pot.  They drove out onto the ice on their snowmachine with a sled.  The sled is a large plastic workhorse used for hauling firewood, caribou, crab pots, and gear.  Arctic used a chain saw to cut a huge hole to set their crab pot and thus the report on the sea ice.

After school today I dashed down to the beach for the dogs to do the dog thing.  Here are just a few photos of the beach and sea ice.  The water on top of the ice is just that overflow being pushed up along the edge and through the cracks.  I hope these photos give a feel for the magnitude of the sea ice across North Sound.

A few things that got Set a Side!

I always feel like I need to keep things up to date a sort of keeping the "To Do List" clean and I seem to fall behind on a regular basis.  At least, "The Blog" is mine and really I can do whatever I want . . . I like this!

March For Women January 21, 2017 This was a typical day here in Unalakleet meaning it was far too cold for ski practice.  I know from the photos it was a -20+ for sure!  Many of us did the march for women, for all people, for everyone to be treated with kindness, compassion, and equality.  We had a huge gathering for a village with 725 people.  A nice age spread from young girls to us older folks.  It was cold, clear, crisp and we were under that northern blue sky which is rather short lived in January.  We started at the clinic and marched to the cannery. After the march, we went for hot chocolate at one of the organizers home to visit and to chat about what a success the march for women was for everyone!

Wrapping up Another Ski Season

Skiing is what we do out here as if you haven't noticed.  This was ski season #11 and it ended Saturday afternoon as the skis were being returned to the waxroom.  Coaching is over for the season, but we still ski.

On Saturday, I hit my yearly goal of 100 days on skis.  I like having this goal as it does help get me out the door at times.  The other big reason is I love having a "real" full-time job and I still get in 100 days on the boards sliding around on snow.

The tundra snow is already melting/evaporating fast which is normal.  The drifts we ski on will be around for a but yet.  I would love to get in over 125 days but 110 may be a more realistic goal.